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News & Search Free, simple, super easy, news(RSS) reader & webmeta search
Size: 3.9 MB
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RSS RSS Reader news reader sidebar Gadget RSS News Reader  
News Search Engine News Search Engine - Simple and easy to use application.
Size: 7168
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search news engine  
Doctor News Search This Vista Gadget will allow you to search information about your favorite doctor directly from your desktop
Size: 33 KB
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search doctor vista gadget news doctor information  
SkyTeam News Search Search for Google news with an exclusive search extension.
Size: 11.55K
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news search search news server Search Extension search news  
News-Line Job Search This widget keeps you updated with the latest available medical jobs.
Size: 62.72K
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job List news news viewer job finder Locate job  
Widget Land News & Search Search new widgets.
Size: 507.51K
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widgets collection widgets tools widgets plasma widgets  

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DejaView DejaView is a small, simple and easy to use application designed to help you search Usenet discussions via DejaNews
Size: 396 KB
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search find news Usenet Search search usenet newsgroup  
MediaMiner MediaMiner searches for news content. Results can be saved as HTML, PDF, or XML
Size: 47.5 MB
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data news stock report news search data mining mining  
NY Times Reader This Widget will add a stylish New York Times RSS feed reader
Size: 189 KB
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Widget RSS Reader New York RSS-Feed Add-In news search  
Cyber News Read Thousands of Most Important or Interesting News Everyday by CyberNews
Size: 601
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news news aggregator LiveCycle news Post News news viewer  
Web Modules These modules will allow you to present dynamic content on your website - Breaking news, free real-time stock quotes, business news, entertainment news, travel guides, people search, family, online or
Size: 21K
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news LiveCycle news news viewer get news news provider  
SRS News Alert Client SRS News Alert Client enables you to receive News Feeds from SRS News Alert Enabled web sites
Size: 4.82MB
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Alert client win news news client news receiver news search  

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Cyber News Thousands of Live news Each Day. CyberNews help you search and read several thousands Great News each day. You will know almost everything happening around the world in the first time just by One Clic...
Size: 601
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news news aggregator LiveCycle news Post News news viewer  
Gnews Snatch Gnews Snatch is a Desktop News Search Tool which uses a WebService to search news based on a keyword provided by the user, from Google News and displays it.
Size: 288 KB
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search find Google find file google search desktop search  
Job NET Job*NET - Locate your next job using search-engine technology Job*NET will search thoushands of usenet groups looking for the perfect news. Download and search your finds using hyperfast search techno...
Size: 3.47 MB
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job job site job software related scheduled job  
MTA News Poster MTA news Poster (ver 1.3) is an ultimate solution for publishing news and answering questions in the any news group all over the Internet. Don't spend time to search topics and switch between differen...
Size: 559.57K
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newsgroup monitor newsgroup usenet newsgroup  
News Pursuit EditBy [b]news Pursuit[/b] is like having your own personal reporter working 24/7 for you, it queries and monitors YahooĆ¢??s, Google's and MSN's RSS news search engines at a selected interval, based ...
Size: 1.4 MB
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search personal search engine news file hider news to email  
Dartmouth Athletics Boom streaming news right in theme and a sidebar with news and pictures. Note: Yahoo! Search will be set as the default search engine. You can always change your search provider, if needed.
Size: 345.33K
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